Crack-of-Dawn Judo Training, Week 14 (9/12/21)

For a first taste of autumn, our final week at the Arboretum was cold and drizzly.

There were a few paths that we hadn’t yet traveled in our previous two visits to the park, so we set out to use those as much as possible, starting with a nice uphill stretch of switchbacks through the garden for the first 1/4 mile. We passed through the Camellias and the Rhododendron Glen before arriving at the Japanese Maples grove, where we noticed that we’d lost two of our people in the woods. Some backtracking and shouting solved that problem, and we were on our way again.

We ran all the way to Foster Island again this week, but stopped short of Marsh Island. After a brief rest at the picnic area overlooking Lake Washington, we chased some ducks and headed south again. Back at the southern play area, we did our usual workout and enjoyed baumkuchen, rainbow mochi, Belgian waffles, berry strudels, fresh fruit, and butter mochi from Kozue, Leslie, Maki, Asami, and Mrs. Honda. Thank you always!