Crack-of-Dawn Judo Training, Week 13 (9/4/21)

Our plan for our second week at the Arboretum was to make it all the way to the islands at the northern end of the park. This made for a lovely five-mile round-trip trek from the southern end. While we didn’t run directly north, we spent a little less time this week getting lost in the woods.

After crossing the wooden bridge over to Foster Island, we continued north along the lightly wooded trail, under the 520 bridge in a state of perpetual construction, and then west on the grated walkway through the swamp to Marsh Island. I had only ever been to the islands once before ‒ by canoe 20+ years ago ‒ and it was also the first time for several others along these charming paths on the water.

We headed back south to base on a slightly different path through the Arboretum, and finished the workout with pushups, uchikomi, and pull-ups on the judogi. As always, we were grateful for the delicious food from Maki, Leslie and Kozue.