For Kids

Judo is an excellent activity for kids! In addition to fitness, flexibility, agility, and coordination, it helps children develop concentration, respect for others, self-confidence, and self-control. Judo encourages children to dispel negative attitudes, and it provides a strong sense of community with opportunities to form unique and lasting friendships. Judo also provides children with exposure to the infinitely rich language and culture of Japan.

While learning and performing graceful and meaningful techniques is inherently satisfying, in order for a sport to fulfill the physical, social, and emotional needs of children, it must first and foremost be FUN so that children are motivated to continue. At Seattle Dojo, the classes for kids emphasize safety and teach the basic techniques of throwing, groundwork, and ukemi (safe falling) while motivating the kids through various types of games designed to teach contact awareness, spatial orientation, balance, and agility.  Monthly practice tournaments are organized to prepare students for optional local tournaments that are held regularly, and colored belts are awarded to recognize achievement.

For more information, all kids and parents are invited to attend our practice sessions according to our class schedule.