Crack-of-Dawn Judo Training, Week 3 (6/6/21)

We gained momentum in Week 3, with nine people showing up to run. I think it helped that we started an hour later at 8 AM. This was also the first session in which we had a Walking Team, a small group of people who join the effort at a more leisurely pace. Miki and Kozue kindly provided cookies and onigiri for the whole team after the workout.

We ran the same course to the Locks, again with some trekking through the woods, pushups, and lots of uchikomi. We also did some fun bobbing and weaving around the metal sculptures above the fish ladder.

There’s a section of our regular course that we call Heron Poop Run. High in the trees above the walkway are hundreds of nests, which are home to countless local herons. We have the strongest of incentives to run this particular 100-meter stretch at full tilt. Want to take it slow? Congratulations, now your hair is covered in heron poop.




Click Here for Week 4

Click Here for Week 4