Crack-of-Dawn Judo Training, Week 11 (8/22/21)

We mixed it up a bit for our third and final week at Carkeek Park. After the usual route up the hill to the North Meadow and down and around to Piper’s Creek, we decided to skip the steep hill on the South Ridge Trail, and replaced it with another steep hill on the Hillside Trail. This gave us several options to take some less-traveled paths through the underbrush to the Clay Pit Trail. It was all downhill from there to the Wetlands Trail, and after playing in the creek for a minute (not recommended; it’s kind of filthy), we crossed the bridge over the railroad tracks and had a short run on the beach at low tide.

Back at the training area, we did our usual pushups, uchikomi, and pull-ups using judogi, followed by a feast thanks to Maki, Leslie and Kozue and a surprise mini birthday celebration. Thank you, everyone!

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