Crack-of-Dawn Judo Training, Week 9 (8/1/21)

After a week off for the U.S. Open in Orlando, we resumed our weekend antics at a new location, Carkeek Park. A somewhat smaller group this week, we had one of our tougher runs through the woods.

We set off from the playground above the beach, and made the 1/2 mile climb up the North Bluff Trail to the North Meadow. The great cedar in the meadow is a fine spot for a rest. The next mile or so is a pleasant, mostly downhill jog down the North Meadow Hillclimb, the Grand Fir Trail, the North Traverse, and the 12th Avenue Hillclimb trails. After a short, flat stretch of the Pipers Creek Trail heading east, we turned south onto the South Ridge Trail, which starts with another sharp elevation gain. The trail meanders westward, over a few bridges and along the ridge, until it meets the South Bluff Trail, where it turns north and descends along the bluff back down to sea level. A quick jog along the tracks and the beach, and we were back to the starting line. Al’s machine clocks the whole jog at just under three miles, but the uphill stretches made it feel much longer.

Back at the picnic area, we found a secluded spot overlooking the Sound to do our pushups and uchikomi. Brandon, briefly back in town and in top shape from his training at the Air Force, suggested that we do sets of pull-ups on the jungle gym, which was fun for no one except Brandon.

Thanks to Maki, Leslie, and Kozue for the anko rolls, scones, jell-o, and watermelon!

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