Crack-of-Dawn Judo Training, Week 7 (7/11/21)

For our second week at Discovery Park, we started along the same Loop Trail as last week, save for some minor departures along less-traveled branches of the main path. This time, however, we took the right path at the fork along the Hidden Valley Trail, and followed the path all the way to the beach and then the lighthouse at the point.

From there, we took the North Beach Trail all the way northeast until it turned landward, where we again left the path and scaled the bluff as we did last week.

We seemed to be getting a bit more banged up this week than usual, and Diego was quick to come to our aid with his medical kit to treat our wounds from nettles, bee stings, and minor spills on the trail.

After our regular workout in the field, we feasted on taiyaki and quiche from Miki and Kozue. We’re truly spoiled.

Sensei Karen promised to bring her volleyball net for next week’s session…

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