Crack-of-Dawn Judo Training, Week 1 (5/22/21)

Who wants to get up and drive across town for torture training at 7 AM on a Saturday? As it turns out, only Diego. Owen didn’t have a choice, given that his commute is all of two flights of stairs. So the three of us set out for a run to the Chittenden Locks, a pleasant couple of blocks from our house. Once there, we made the newly reopened park our personal playground, running across the narrow walkways spanning the two locks, climbing stairs and scrambling up hills in the small patches of woods, and doing our obligatory 100 pushups that everyone from our online sessions has worked up to.

A short dash down the tracks back home, and we wrapped up our first session by a little after 8 AM.

Five-year-old Sean, disappointed that we hadn’t woken him up for the run, insisted that he was indeed up to it, so the two of us reran the 1.5 miles again, muddy woods and all.